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Mocha Media, Inc.


| Business Technology & Management Consulting

| Business Development & IP/Artist Management

| Public & Private IT Policy Advocacy

| Cyberphilosophy / Cybersecurity

| vCTO / Executive Technology Leadership

| ShadowIT

Born in Boston, MA

Raised in Los Angeles, CA since 1999

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HU man  ME ets   DI  gital


Mocha Media, Inc.


BLENDS Intelligence, Technology & Management SERVICES

with TAILORED strategies to IMPROVE 



SERVANT LEADERSHIP inspires us to drive ROI further.



Our philosophy was born from the neologism: The Client of Our Client is Our Client derived from Sun Tzu's famous quote from The Art of War, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

 By studying the relationships of our clients friends and enemies, specifically their People, Organization, Processes, Technologies & Alliances [POPTA} we are able to form a better understanding of how their human > < digital relationships work to minimize risk and maximize wealth conversation.

Mocha Media's® mission is echoed in our mantra Human Meets Digital®.



The culture of business development is synonymous to coffee making in that we all have an important part to play by working together to find the right "blend" of ingredients to produce experiences and results.

The Art and Science of Business Development & Technology Management is founded on how we blend tools, strategies, policies, and know-how to produce the desired experiences and results. The first step starts with identifying the best ingredients. We call this "the base." The second step is to add whatever ingredients we need to enhance that base. Our business development & consulting practice follows this process whereby we continually add ingredients, stir, then taste of course, and so on until we produce the right blend of ingredients that when brought together produce an optimal result for our clients.




Mocha Media's® corporate culture is founded on our "blend" of multi-cultural, multi-national, and multi-talented people each of whom harnesses a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our specialists & generalists share a passion for servant leadership.



Alfonso E. Chávez founded Mocha Media® in Boston, MA in 1996 in response to the increasing demand for computer – driven multimedia systems, along with his desire and passion for business, technology, and multimedia. His talent and success with IT Consulting & Multimedia Production took flight while working on his B.A. at Boston College, and then later his B.M at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Subsequently, he incorporated Mocha Media, Inc.® Los Angeles, CA in 1999.

Alfonso’s unique combination of computer expertise, business administration, multimedia production & marketing gave him a unique perspective on how to help companies optimize their technology and new media systems & business strategies. In addition to his ability to conceptualize, produce and direct his client’s projects, Alfonso developed an expertise for IT engineering, and software development. He recognizes not only the need for integrated hardware and software systems, but high-quality content to run on them as well. Leveraging his business, technology, and entertainment experience and in-depth knowledge of computers, he began serving the music, film, retail, and corporate industries. Building on his reputation for success, and an impressive client base, he has worked with organizations such as Countrywide, National Geographic, Brezza Energy, HARPO, Red Wagon Productions, Partido Accion Nacional (PAN), Sony, CBS, C Publishing, Samuel French, Kathy Ireland Worldwide – Sterling Winters Company, &, and non-profits such as the WorldVision, Operation Smile, BigUpKidz, and others.


In his continued endeavor to be disruptive, Alfonso enrolled in the prestigious Columbia University Technology Management program in 2017 earning a Master’s in Executive Technology Management in 2019. He collaborated, and worked with some of the brightest minds in high-tech from Columbia's campus in Paris, France along with the extended cohort at Columbia University in New York City.


Mocha Media® aspires to lead our clients cyberphilosophically in OpSec, technology innovation, disruption, strategic advocacy, intelligence, IT-wellness, organizational development, business & artist management, and executive litigation project management.


The mathematician George Pólya popularized heuristics in the mid–20th century, in his book How to Solve It. He learned mathematical proofs as a student but he did not know, nor was he taught, the ways mathematicians arrived at such proofs. How to Solve It is a collection of ideas about heuristics that he taught to mathematics students – ways of looking at problems and formulating solutions.

  • If you are having difficulty understanding a problem, try drawing a picture.

  • If you can’t find a solution, try assuming that you have a solution and seeing what you can derive from that (“working backward”).

  • If the problem is abstract, try examining a concrete example.

  • Try solving a more general problem first (the “inventor’s paradox”: the more ambitious plan may have more chances of success).

Formulating solutions

  • Draw the picture to understand what problems we are trying to solve.

  • Draw the picture to understand the business challenges and how to confront them.

  • Draw the picture to understand what is lacking in one’s business to understand how to fill a need.

  • Draw the picture to make sure that everyone has a better sense of what we’re trying to accomplish.



"The Client of our Client is our Client"


 - Alfonso E. Chávez, CEO &  Cyberphilosopher

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