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What is Business Technology & Management?

Business is defined as "the practice of making one's living by engaging in commerce." Technology is defined as "the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry." Management is defined as "the process of dealing with or controlling things or people."

Mocha Media®, therefore defines business technology & management  as the practice of applying scientific knowledge for the practical purpose of dealing with or controlling "systems" and "organizations."   In the words of Alfonso E. Chávez, founder of Mocha Media®, "Our business is managing the tools (technology) that drives value for our clients - from the STAPLER to the SERVER - no matter how big or small Mocha Media's® mission is to maximize operational value and balance the Human Meets Digital® experience."

Managed IT & Enterprise Services  [MITES]

Mocha Media® provided innovative SMB (Small Medium Business) CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Advisory Consultation & Managed IT & Enterprise Services  (MITES) that includes Tech Support, HelpDesk, Cybersecurity, Networking, Infrastructure, Software, Machine Learning, Multimedia, Social Media and other digital services that greatly improve the way our clients utilize their technology & business systems.

Organizations retain Mocha Media† to provide MITES by outsourcing some or all of the Business Technology Operations to us at the Executive or Operational level.  Working with our clients as Virtual CTO (vCTO) advisors we work strategically to align the tools / technology with the vision of the CEO, Board of Directors, and other key business leaders. Having an executive leadership role with our clients, gives us the ability to work with Agility to accelerate digital transformation.

Mocha Media’s® goal is to identify IT & Multimedia projects with the greatest potential for success and the highest possible ROI (return on investment) for our clients. Each potential project is screened and reviewed to make sure it meets the overall strategy and objectives of the organization. Mocha Media® seeks undeveloped IT & Multimedia strategies and works diligently to develop and improve the overall vision to strategically implement best-in-class solutions and trends that offer the greatest potential for commercial and operational success.

Our strategy has proven very successful over the years and has provided many of our clients financial, economic, social, and political prosperity.


Case Studies are available upon request to demonstrate how Mocha Media® has provided Managed IT & Enterprise Solutions successfully.

vCTO Advisory [virtual Chief Technology Advisory]

Mocha Media® provides vCTO Advisory to SMB clients empowering us to work across-the-table from the CEO and other senior staff instead of down-the-hall, or in the basement.

The CTO is the highest-level strategic leader that works in alignment with the CEO, and others to formulate Policies, Execute, and Manage all IT system and infrastructure technologies. Mocha Media® vCTO's assist to manage everything and anything from "the STAPLER to the SERVER"  tactical and tactfully to achieve specific goals.
Our service is both efficient and cost effective as most SMB companies can not afford to have a CTO on staff, and available 24/7 to work strategically to manage all Technology & Infrastructure systems. If your company has an IT department, Mocha Media® can function as a "department or project manager" and leverage your existing team more efficiently. The results of integrating vCTO Advisory and MITES produces an optimal organizational efficiency reducing  employment expense, minimizing inefficiency and yields measurable savings.

vCTO's have a minimum 10-years executive IT experience bringing the experience, sophistication, maturity, and intellect needed to work at the highest level of Executive Leadership and Integrity needed to collaborate with  any CEO to run a well managed business together.

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