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AIDA JOSEFINA LOPEZ, MBA | VP of Music Rights Management

With more than 25 years of experience in the record industry, Ms. Lopez began her career working with important Latin American composers at the Society of Authors and Composers of Venezuela (SACVEN) where she gained expertise in copyright and publishing management. Her most notable client was Hector Reglero Montaner, better known in the artistic world as Ricardo Montaner, whom she managed for over 15 years; the most important period of his artistic career and authorship through HRM Editoras Unidas and EMI Publishing.


In 2000, Ms. Lopez was named President of Hecho a Mano Editora & Publishing, owned by Mr. Montaner. As legal consultant and President of Mr. Montaner’s companies, Hecho a Mano Editora & Publishing, and Hecho a Mano Discos 95, Ms. Lopez transformed the music catalog into the #1 prestigious international catalog for Warner/Chappell Music in Latin America.


In 2005, Ms. Lopez also presided over and created the VVA Music Publishing, company where she acquired the exclusivity of representing the Warner/Chappell Music catalog for more than 5 years. Setting her sights overseas, in 2014 Ms. Lopez partnered with Fable Music Publishing, a prestigious company with more than 40 years in the entertainment industry to manage their business publishing in Australia.


In 2017, Ms. Lopez was recruited by Gerencia 360 Music Publishing & Management in Los Angeles, CA becoming the 1st female executive of business & legal affairs managing acclaimed artists in the Regional Mexicano, Banda, and Norteño genre.

Ms. Lopez received her law degree from the Santa Maria University in Venezuela in 1989 with a specialization in Intellectual Property, and a Master’s in Business Entertainment Administration from Santa Maria University in 2004.


• Full management services for music publishing, royalties auditing & collections

• Full management services for artist business development

• Artist publishing consultation for optimizing royalty collections

• Contract analysis and management

• Licensing analysis, development, and management

• Litigation research & support

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