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ShadowIT | Human Meets Digital® Thinking in Action

The term ShadowIT sounds like something written out of a script of a James Bond movie.  Wikipedia defines ShadowIT as

"Shadow IT, also known as Stealth IT or Client IT, are Information technology (IT) systems built and used within organizations without explicit organizational approval, for example, systems specified and deployed by departments other than the IT department. Many people consider shadow IT an important source of innovation, and such systems may become prototypes for future approved IT solutions. On the other hand, shadow IT solutions are not often in line with organizational requirements for control, documentation, security, reliability, etc."

Given the rapid and dynamic environment of the high-tech industry, Mocha Media® is ready to work directly or indirectly with organizations and their executive leaders to provide any and all services necessary to serve the Board of Directors, investors, and ultimately the shareholders of an organization who demand the best and brightest Human Meets Digita thinking in action.




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